beem is released!

beem is available is now available on the appstore! seeing my game finally out there gives me huge feeling of accomplishment. there is a free version you can try out, so no excuses, go check it out!

i royally flubbed the release. a month ago, i had submitted the very first barely not-so-stable version 1.0.0 (we’ll call this v crap) of the game to the appstore to figure the process out with some time to spare. no big deal thinks i, that version will never see the light of day.

well… as it turns out you have to set a cold hard release date for any app you plan to offer on the store, so i set it to some date in the future that seemed like a decent way out there. time goes by, it gets approved, it remains in limbo, and i continue work on the game.

finally, version 1.0.1 (version sweet) gets completed a couple weeks ago. it’s the most stable version yet, and 32 levels of juicy goodness are ready for the appstore. i re-submit, and lose sleep for 5 days waiting for review.

oh no… the date i originally set rolls around. version sweet is still in review, so version crap becomes available on the appstore, and most likely crashes on any device it gets installed on, which is about 500 (lite version) before i can pull it off the store.


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