beem plans: 1.2.0

it’s that time again! thinking about what i want to do for the next release. based on the most recent feedback from players and what i feel like doing, here’s a rough idea of what i think i’ll work into the next release.

  • it’ll probably be called ‘the back lantern’ and will introduce a new artifact, called the black lantern, which is a lantern that is black, which is uncharacteristic of most lanterns i’m told.
  • new mechanic: portals, which you can manipulate with said black lantern. i’ve got a prototype working, and its super cool, it adds a whole new layer of complexity to the gameplay.
  • i’ll have at least 1 new sector, which i have not named yet.
  • the seasoned gamers have told me they need more challenge, so i’m planning on creating a new challenge level list which is not part of the regular story mode. it’ll be a place for me to add hard levels that don’t have to be completed to reach the end of the game.
  • i’m going to hide gremlin hints after a level has been completed, but you can always show them with the gremlin icon as always.
  • i need to mess with the sound effects a little bit.

if there is anything you think would be cool to add or change, email with your thoughts!

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