beem plans: 1.3.0

it’s been a while coming but i’ve got a batch of levels nearing finalization. due to some technical issues with ios and general busyness with my waking life, it took me longer than i had hoped. i’m looking forward to working on art and music now that most of the technical stuff is working.

  • i’m tentatively calling the release ‘shadow seizure’ as it involves using the beem to reanimate light powered mechanisms that have been frozen from disuse.
  • machine parts are not new, but were very briefly demonstrated in the first release. the next sector will use more complex behaviors to open, slide, and rotate doors and mirrors, and there is a new component – the button!
  • right now i am planning on adding a new sector of at least 16 levels and adding a handful to a new harder challenge mode.

depending on some technical stuff, i may combine the next batch of levels and the next mechanic into the next release and push it back further. i’m hoping i get it working sooner than later, but we’ll see.