beem plans: 1.0.2

the latest version of beem is coming soon, and there are some major improvements i’m really looking forward to releasing. no release date yet, but its coming along nicely so far. after this release, i will spend some more time actively marketing the game, as i think it will be a more hefty offering. since reviews are really only something i can get once, i’d prefer it be after a few important changes. it is tentatively titled the gem descent.

planned stuff:

  • fix 3gs drawing issues (done – mostly)
  • ambient dust particle effects (for a more interesting feel – done mostly)
  • ui improvements (more space and larger fonts for those tiny screens)
  • game lore (i’m going a little nuts with backstory)
  • more levels (duh, centered around the addition of colors and splitting – i’d like to double level count to 64, but we’ll see)

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