beem: strange descent

beem 1.0.2 is nearing completion, and i’ve tentatively titled the release strange descent. i’m really looking forward to my first major update! a version jump from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 doesn’t really make the update sound as large as it is, but i’ve been hard at work adding some awesome new gameplay dynamics and a ton of new content.

so whats going to be in it?


  • i fixed drawing issues with the 3gs, which i would have run into on android devices with varying screen dimensions anyway,  so i really hit 3,000+ birds with one stone on that one.
  • several UI improvements and bug fixes meant to make the menus easier to use.


the cool stuff you can do with colors are one of the reasons i made the game, so i’m glad to get two new sectors worth of content out there for your gaming enjoyment.

three new components!

  • splitter – split a beam of light into two new ones.
  • filter gemstones – filter component colors out of a beam of light with a handful of not so priceless gemstones.
  • prizm – split a beam of light into its red, green, and blue parts.

two new sectors!

there are two new sectors, complete with new art, story, and music! first, the gremlin leads you down into the lonely gem sink to recover something you might need: the stone of unfathomable regret. after stumbling through the darkness, you come across the prismatic flitterway and a network of multi-colored mechanisms.

new music!

three new tracks to accompany your gaming experience. i’m pretty pleased with how they turned out, they contribute a great deal to the style of the game.

the datacore!

i’ve refined the datacore to allow you to dig into the lore of the light engine (if you are so inclined).

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