beem: the black lantern

the latest release has been submitted to the appstore, and here’s the gist!

  • new sector with levels, art, and music – the hall of echoes
  • new mechanic: portals – beem goes in one end, comes out the other
  • i spent some time on arting on some older backgrounds to make them look a little better
  • i chipped the back of all the krystles off, so the direction they are facing is clear
  • i swapped out a few orbs for switch orbs, they have a little gear icon to indicate they do something (open a door, rotate something, etc…).
  • general refinements

i had to curb the scope of this release a little bit because i wanted to enter beem into the IGF, so my plans for 1.2.0 that i didn’t include will probably be in the next release.


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