behold the leap!

so i’ve been busily working on the latest and greatest, and i’ve been pretty quiet about it. today i am happy to announce the integration of the leap motion controller!

so what is leap motion? so glad you asked… check it out.

in short, the device tracks the movement of your hands, and translates that information to your computer. once i caught wind of this brand new device, i got one and instantly started playing around with it. remember minority report? where cops in the future wave their hands around to move stuff around on their futuristic screens? yeah me too. the prospect of playing beem with that was too good for me to pass up.

i started prototyping movements and gestures and reworked beem to accept the input. after several weeks of experimenting and several different approaches, i decided on a simple set of interactions to play the game.

i am happy to announce that beem is now available on airspace (the online store for leap motion enabled apps).