why i don’t capitalize

i was agonizing over some truly ugly internet speak in a facebook post recently, when i realized everyone must think i’m also too lazy to use my hard earned english writing skills. i don’t use uppercase when i type. a friend at work asked me about it a while ago, and now i realize it probably works against me in an age where almost all communication i deal with on a daily basis is in written form. i don’t plan on changing anything, but i do actually have a reason for it. there’s a story to it, and i’m in...

try try again

i am going to try the blogging thing out again. i do enough interesting technical stuff these days that someone else might find it interesting. additionally, I need a place for longer blurbs about my projects that twitter and facebook aren’t really meant for wow, getting that image into my post was ‘simple’ i dare say. i’ll save it for another day, but the drupal equivalent of adding content to my posts was not ‘simple’. WordPress 1 Drupal 0.