Shapes and Color

I have been spending more time doing art lately, recently diving back into digital painting, practicing basic sketching, drawing, painting as well as experimenting with color.

So if you’ve stumbled upon my blog by jumping from something I drew, then that’s pretty cool. I am an amateur artist (so amateur I use the term self-referentially almost jokingly), but I finally decided I’d reached a quality level that I don’t think is too embarrassing.

I’ve always enjoyed making art, mostly a doodling over the years. Artistic skill I think is like any other skill, in that it requires study and practice, so that is what I’ve been up to. I have watching drawing videos and read drawing books intermittently over the years to try to understand it. I am currently trying to become better at portrait drawing / painting.

Most recently, I’ve lurked in the /redditgetsdrawn subreddit, which is a great resource for subjects and for seeing the work of other artists, both novice and skilled and creative.

My latest string of pictures have been an experiment in color, as I suck with color. The results have been interesting and fun to make, but I still have a ways to go. The longer I look at a portrait, the more I see wrong with it. Improvement is evident, however, which is the whole point.