What’s up 2017?

Enough of my friends and co-workers were curious about what’s been going with me lately that I decided to write about it, to inform the concerned, as I left a few people hanging.

So for those interested, I had back surgery on 2/16 and am taking the next few weeks off work to recover.

I herniated disc about 3 years ago (lower lumbar 4) and have been dealing with back pain ever since. If you’ve seen me lately, you know I’ve been carrying a limp around for several months, as the protrusion against my spinal cord has been getting worse and causing severe sciatic nerve pain in my leg.

It got so bad that my doctor suggested surgery to alleviate pain that had become chronic. The procedure was a microdiscectomy to remove the extrusion.

It appears to have gone well, as my leg pain is gone. I still experience some tingling, and time will tell if that subsides, but I still feel way better than I did before.

I am mobile, just sore and slow. My drinking arm is unaffected, so hopefully we can hang out sooner than later 🍻